Benefits of the Hydronic Heating System

The hydronic heating system prides itself as the world's most efficient home heating system. It is discussed in major energy efficiency journals often being cited as one of the ways of improving the energy efficiency score of your home. If you have been looking for an efficient way of heating the house, you have the hydronic heating system as the solution. 


It is a simple method that is also beautiful.  It heats the water and they move it through sealed pimples to radiators throughout the home.  You can use the sealed system to heat the floor slabs, towel rails, swimming pools and any other place that you want to heat. It has a super energy efficient gas boiler that heats the water at the source.  After the water has been used it is returned to the source via a reticulating system. The hydronic heating system at is separate from the home domestic water supply. The heat emitters are panel radiators in each room. They push out natural radiant heat that spreads evenly. You can use each radiator independently to establish custom heating levels.  As such, the living room can be warmer than the bedroom.


There is no pumped airborne particle which makes this system safe for people who are allergic and asthmatic. The modern hydronic systems allow heat to be delivered directly to the precise point where it is needed. There are more than 100 options of configurations possible and each is capable of providing the exact comfort heating requirements for the homeowner.  There are some that are as simple as tank-type water heater that is connected to a system of plastic tubing that warms the bathroom floor. There are others that can use more than one boiler operated in stages. These release the heat through an assortment of heat emitters. Sometimes, the same boilers can be used to provide domestic water supply. They also provide swimming pool heating or snow melting on the driveways. If well designed, the hydronic heating offers unsurpassed comfort and fuel efficiency. To learn more on the benefits of Hydronic Heating, just go to


Since Norwest Gas hydronic heating systems transfer heat by thermal radiation, they reduce air temperature stratification and therefore reduce heat loss through the ceiling. When space is radiantly heated, comfort levels can be maintained at lower temperatures. As such, you enhance further energy saving.  There are zoned hydronic systems that provide the opportunity for the unoccupied rooms to be kept at lower temperatures.

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